Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Strawberry Cake (Day 3)

Le Frasier (Strawberry Cake) was assembled in a 7" diameter piece of PVC pipe (from Home Depot gourmet kitchen supply). Works perfectly.

We cut our genois cake (a light sponge cake) into four layers. We each got one layer for the bottom and one for the top. We brushed the bottom layer with Grand Marnier syrup. Brian has cut strawberries in half and put them on top of the cake layer facing cut side out (he'd lined the PVC ring mold with an acetate strip). Then he put whole berries into the center.

The filling is a mousseline cream that we made at the beginning of class this morning. It's a pastry cream with lots of butter whipped into it to make it seem like it has no calories. We piped the chilled calorie-free cream between the berries and filled the rings to the top with it. Then we took the second layer of cake and put it on top. That went back into the refrigerator until later in the day.

Meanwhile we made lots more creams and began to assemble more cakes that you will see finished in the next couple of days.

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