Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sea Urchin Scramble

We got up early this morning to go to the Fisherman's Market to buy some freshly caught fish directly from our local Santa Barbara fishermen.

I bought sea urchin while my husband Dave chose some fish from a fisherman down the row. Urchin diver Stephanie Mutz shared a recipe for scrambled eggs with urchin and we talked about possible variations. I bought two big beautiful live urchins.

When I got home I cleaned the meat out of the urchins. Dave heated some oil with fresh garlic for a quick saute of the urchin pieces.

We had four eggs from my son Shaun's backyard chickens, two brown eggs and two blue eggs. I went outside to pick a chili pepper and some kale leaves.

I diced a locally grown organic tomato and salted it to draw away some of the juices. After mincing the chili and chopping the kale, I heated the chili in a couple of tablespoons of local olive oil and began to scramble the eggs.

I put the urchin pieces into the scramble just as the eggs began to set. When that was hot, I added the kale to wilt it. The diced tomato went into the scramble just before serving. I set aside a few freshly diced tomatoes for garnish.

I topped each serving with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Shaun's wife Kris wasn't sure she'd like urchin with eggs but changed her mind quickly after tasting this. That's a piece of urchin at the middle left. Smaller pieces are integrated into the scramble.

We saved a few urchin pieces for pizza later today but this is a brilliant way to use fresh live urchin purchased in the morning before breakfast.