Sunday, July 2, 2006

More Pictures

Here's my Bavarian Cream. It's decorated with a baby pear, baby pineapple, and two miniature apples (that look like golden cherries). We also had raspberries, blueberries, and brandy-soaked cherries to work with. Each piece of fruit is coated with a gelatin glaze to give it the shine.

And here is my Chocolate Mousse Cake. We encased a layer of chocolate cake in chocolate mousse. Then we refroze it and prepared our ganache glaze--brought it to the proper pouring temperature.

This is the good side. I was trying to get mine done so that other people could glaze theirs. Glazing a frozen mousse is not a good thing to do in a hurry... so mine is a little more artistic than those with the smooth perfectly-covered sides. A hair dryer would probably fix this, but I'm happy to leave it as is to illustrate the process. The trick is to get the ganache to flow down over the sides before it freezes in place.

Our final job was to decorate the top. Brian had made the chocolate cigarettes and the transfer sheet pieces to use. We choose what we wanted to use and arranged it to taste (so to speak).

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